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I have never exercised before, where do I begin?
It is a good idea to start slowly and build up to a full program. Make sure you choose an activity that you enjoy and fits in with your lifestyle. The main reasons beginners give up is because they don't give enough consideration to the practicalities of engaging in a long term exercise programme. Walking is the easiest and safest way to begin a fitness programme. As you become proficient at walking, you might feel encouraged to try another activity such as jogging or aerobics. Experiment and try a trial class to see how you
How long it will take me before I feel a significant change in by body composition or my weight?
It differs from person to person, but generally the body response to change is accelerated at the beginning stages and you could notice a weight loss in the range or 1—3 kilos. This depends on many variables, such as if or what type of diet you might be on.
My body is not proportion; my lower body is wider than my upper body. What can I do to get it in proportion?
You need to embark upon a strength training programme that is specially designed to strengthen your muscles. Weights should be selected based on the principal that you use heavier weights when working out your lower body. Use lighter weights on your upper body, but increase the reps – that way you tone and shape.
What is more effective going to the gym or aerobics classes?
It depends on your fitness goals and your preferences. Some people prefer group exercise others prefer to work on a one to one. Weight lifting will help you to improve your strength but you should work with a personal trainer who will design a special program tailored to your needs to help you engage the proper muscles. Aerobic classes are most effective for cardiovascular strength and often preferred for those who enjoy the social side of fitness.
Can we watch classes before we join?
Sure you can
Which classes burn more fat?
You burn fat in any exercise that last more than 20 minutes either its strength, toning or cardio program. But the amount of fat burning depends on your present fitness level along with other factors such as your weight, your body fat % and current metabolic rate.
When can I expect to join advanced classes?
When you master the challenges of intermediate level classes and have demonstrated proper alignment and technique. The most important point at the beginner level is to learn and apply proper techniques to maximize the long term benefits, of which safety is a key factor.
How many kg per month I should expect to lose?
Once again, there is no hard and fast rule on this, as it depends on many factors eg; your fitness level, the amount you burn in the first month, is different than what you will burn in 6 months time, with the same activity or the same level of intensity. The rule is to change intensity and levels to avoid reaching a plateau.
Do dance classes burn fat too?
Yes because they are essentially a workout of more than 20 minutes at a level of intensity that will have an effect.
How often should I train?
Most experts recommend 3-5 times per week between 20 and 60 minutes per time with an average hard rate of 60% to 75%.
How hard and how long should I train in a fat loss programme?
Actually, you are almost always burning fat at one rate or another but the amount is different depends on your heart rate zone during exercise. The rate can increase by altering two important variables: duration and intensity; you can start with a 20 minute walk then increase the duration, then the intensity by jogging eg; 5 minutes and run for 5 etc. The important thing is to make these changes gradually, when your fitness level improves, take it up a notch!
I do a lot of ABS work, will that part of my body tone up first?
No, we have no control over what part of the body we burn fat from. There is no such thing as spot reduction. The muscles which are being worked will tone up and with a combination of an effective weight loss diet, you will notice the results. You might not achieve abs like Shakira, but being realistic, you should be able to see a marked improvement.
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