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The physical health of an individual can be termed as fitness, in which all body systems are functioning properly. Some of the elements of fitness that should be considered are cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, muscle strength, and balance. Aerobics is an excellent way for a person to achieve physical fitness. Through the activities associated with aerobics, one is able to target all the elements of fitness.

Shake n' Shape has a unique Group Fitness structure that provides a wide range of classes, From youth programs to adult classes.

So what can Cardio Fitness classes do for you?

Cardio Fitness Classes Boost Your Metabolism
Did you know that you can burn more calories, even when you're not exercising? Consistent cardio exercise increases your metabolism so that your body burns more calories between workouts!

Improve Your Endurance with Cardio Fitness Classes
Participating in Cardio Fitness classes boosts your heart rate. This helps make your heart stronger and more efficient compared to a sedentary person. The benefits of a healthier heart include longevity, greater stamina and stronger immunity.

Cardio Exercise Helps You Burn More Calories and Fat
If weight loss is your goal, then cardio exercise offers you the opportunity to make significant strides. When you elevate and sustain your heart rate, you burn calories, helping you reduce or manage your weight more effectively.

Increase Your Energy with Cardio Exercise
Everybody knows that cardio fitness exercise makes you feel good, but it can also help boost your energy so you can keep going strong all day. Cardio exercise releases endorphins that may also improve your mood and your sleep.

Cardio Fitness Classes:

  • Tae Bo: incorporates techniques from kickboxing, martial art.
  • Step: moderate impact exercise using an adjustable platform.
  • Double/Multiple Step: movements between and onto two or more platforms.
  • Low Impact Aerobics: one foot always remains in contact with the floor.
  • High/Low Aerobics: includes running, jumping moves.
  • Hip Hop: moves from street dance and urban culture.
  • Zumba®/Salsa/Latin Dance: fusion of Latin dance movements and music with modern dance.
  • BOSU® Boot Camp: integrated balance, core stability, cardiovascular, and muscular endurance.
  • Boot Camp: sports conditioning with focus on strength, agility, and speed.
  • Interval training: alternating intervals of both cardio training and toning exercises with different props like Dumbbells, rubber band.
  • Step and Sculpt: intervals of step and body conditioning.
  • Interval Step: alternate periods of aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.


Toning & Strength Training Group Exercise—How It Improves Your Fitness

Toning & Strength Training Classes to Help Reduce Your Body Fat Percentage
Improving fitness through toning and strength training not only helps you burn calories and lose weight, you can also positively affect your body composition. Reducing body fat has many health benefits, including lower blood pressure.

Develop Muscle with Toning Fitness Classes
You may want to take toning classes to improve your physical appearance, but there are many other benefits of improved muscle tone. They include injury prevention, greater self-confidence, and decreased fatigue when performing physical activity.

Strength Training Helps Increase Your Muscular Strength
Strength Training classes contribute to a strong musculoskeletal system, increasing bone density and strengthening the connective tissue surrounding joints. This is beneficial to everyone, but especially important to the fitness of women and seniors.

Toning & Strength Training Helps to Improve Your Endurance
You may not equate toning and strength training with endurance, but studies shows that it can improve your stamina. That's because a strong muscle is a more efficient muscle, giving you added power, even when performing normal everyday activities.

Toning & Strength Training Fitness Classes:

  • Body Bar: weighted body bar workout
  • Functional toning: With functional training, instead of building strength on a series of static machines, you would perform a series of exercises using a variety of muscles at the same time focusing on your core muscles These moves would be designed to imitate many of the moves you make on a daily basis.
  • Abs and total body toning: There is no single exercise to "tone." The best way to tone is to utilize aerobic exercise to reduce body fat and perform weight resistance exercise to build muscle and proportion your body.
  • Core challenge: Focus mainly on your abdomen muscles and your body balance to flatten those abs.

Hatha Yoga and STOTT PILATES Fitness Classes — What They Can Do for You

Yoga and Pilates Fitness Classes Improve Your Flexibility
Flexibility has a tremendous impact on your body, including how you move during the day, as well as your susceptibility toward injury. Boost your flexibility with Yoga and Pilates fitness classes that include exercises to bring fluidity and youth back to your body.

Reduce Stress with Yoga and Pilates Fitness Classes
Any exercise can reduce stress, but both Yoga and Pilates fitness classes focus on breathing and other rejuvenating techniques. Plus you'll find the calm group exercise environment an oasis and escape from your busy life.

Enhance your Coordination with Yoga and Pilates
The way you move through life can affect your confidence, posture and many other subtle but important qualities. Yoga and Pilates exercise sequences improve your awareness of movement to feel more balanced.

Yoga and Pilates Help you Prevent Injuries
You may not think of strength as a benefit of Yoga or Pilates but you'll find the classes are demanding and challenging, helping you strengthen deep muscles and joints. The end result is a stronger defense against injury strong toned Abdomen and back, nice posture and proper alignment.

STOTT Pilates Fitness Classes Benefits

STOTT Pilates classes incorporate a lot of deep muscles workout and introduce new activities that develop flexibility and a mind-body connection.

STOTT Pilates Mat is based on the exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates. If you core muscles is your main weakness than this the perfect program for you.

The essence of exercises is:

  • Total body workout.
  • Core stability and balance muscular structure supporting the joints to increase workout efficiency and prevent injury.
  • Increase endurance and muscular tone.
  • Gentle on the joints.
  • Improve balance, flexibility and coordination.
  • Improve posture and alignment.
  • Relief stress and back pain.
  • Above all Flattens those abs.

Spinning class descriptions:

Spinning is a worldwide fitness phenomenon, created by Johnathan Goldberg, ultra-marathon cyclist champion and started teaching spinning classes (indoor cycling classes) in his garage. Spinning has now reached over 75 countries (and counting), and has impacted the lives of millions of participants. At first glance, the spinning bike might look like any ordinary exercise bike but the big difference is the tension knob, which is an extremely important part of the workout.

Spinning class benefits:

  • People at varied fitness levels can actively participate, by controlling the resistance of the bike to make pedaling as easy, or as challenging as they can handle.
  • Spinning makes your heart pump at 80 percent of its capacity as opposed to 50 to 65 percent normally which improves all your metabolic functions.
  • In 40 Minutes spinning class you can burn from 400 up to 1200 calorie depends on the class type, level and your fitness level.
  • There are no complicated moves, techniques, or choreography to master.
  • Indoor cycling is a non-impact activity, and causes less stress on knees, hips and ankles than many other forms of cardio.
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