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Here will give you a small brief about our instructors:

 Dalia Nakhoury
Certified aerobic instructor in 2009 from MET acadamy. Spinning Certified instructor in 2011. Has a BA in business administration. Worked in the banking fields for few years. Fitness is her passion, she stared exercising in one local club but when she joined Shake n' Shape, her life has totally been transformed. She became addicted to aerobics classe. Her taste for life has changed since then. Shake n' Shape is not just a job but it's her passion and her lifestyle and her second home away from home; her favorite classes are step and Tae Bo. She loves traveling, dancing and spending time with my family.
Dalia Attend Les Mills Tae-Bo workshop and took self defense and Marital art course which is her favorite workout.

 Donia Alaa Ezzat
She is a Business Administration graduate, she works as an HR Specialist in a medical company, she started as a regular client @ shake n shape and then realized that it is more than a life style habit it is her passion. She now works as a Part time aerobics instructor and Part time Jazzercise instructor.
-Group Fitness Certified Instructor-SAFE Academy.
-Jazzercise Fitness Instructor.
-TRX Suspension Training workshop.
-Body Weight Training.
 Mariam Amer
Graduated from School of Law, English department. She started aerobics first time in her life in the club but Mariam says she really never knew the true meaning of aerobics till she attended classes in Shake n' Shape. Couple of months later she took a salsa dance course with her favorite instructor "Radwa" and she told her that she has what it takes to be a good instructor. Few months later, Mariam applied for the aerobics instructor course and she changed her career. Since then Shake n' Shape changed her life and added a great taste to it. Quoting Mariam " Shake n' Shape Lift my spirit and made it shine"

-SAFE® Academy Certified Group Fitness Instructor.  
-STOTT Pilates® Mat-Work Certified Instructor.  
-SPINNING Mad Dogg Athletics® Star 1 Certified Instructor.  
-Yoga Instructor.         
-AFAA® Group Fitness Certified Instructor.  
-Body Jam Les Mills™ Undertraining Instructor
 Noha Hassan
Noha Hassan, Shake n' Shape founder. Studied French literature and civilization. Took her postgraduate major in marketing, she is  certified as a charter marketer. She has 3 passions in life: Marketing, telecom and fitness. She worked for several years in the telecom biz as a business developer then she started her fitness career few years ago. Noha Says: " Shake n' Shape is for me more than just a job; it's a passion that keeps my heart awake. When I see people happy and cheerful it brings so much joy to my heart and my soul". Educating people about the benefits of health and fitness for healthier and happier life is a commitment Noha is working hard to spread. Noha's best moments is when she sees her clients smiling and clapping their hands after class, and her saddest moment is when she fail to meet their expectations.

- Group Fitness instructor - Safe certified
- Stott Plates Group SPX certified instructor
- Stott Pilates IMP course
- Personal Trainer fitness course
- Pos-Pre Natal AFFA workshop
- Midlife age for women AFFA worshop
- Injuries Prevention AFFA workshop
- Spinining Certified Instructor

 Ola El-Abany
Ola is  a medical school graduate and she is studying to become a psychiatrist. She is constantly working as an assistant therapist in a psych clinic. She was one of the early Shake n' Shape regulars, She loved it there; She was instantly captured by the music, the movement and the ultimate joy of group workout. It gradually turned into a lifestyle, and she rediscovered herself. A couple of years later she took the instructor course and became Safe group fitness instructor. Ma 2012, She became Zumba certified instructor.  Ola consider herself living proof that aerobics and working out make a huge difference in people's lives. She used to be chubby and shy as a kid, and when she started working out it changed a lot of things about her image and selfesteem, it changed her whole life! Ola Says "  I have a passion for music and dance, and there's nothing I enjoy more than drawing a smile on someone's face and knowing that they're having fun!"
 Radwa Maged Helmy
Radwa Maged Helmy, graduated from Cleopatra Language School to Join Ain Shams University, faculty of Arts, English Literature. Worked as a Kinder Garten teacher for 8 years, then changed her career to be a group fitness instructor by the help of her energetic instructor Tatiana-Tanya, who was her Role Model for the 3 years she spent practicing aerobics as a client. Radwa's  passion to music and dance allowed her to go further and take classes for salsa and ballroom dance. She also care a lot to add fun air to her classes so that clients do not only workout , but enjoy as well. Her target is to satisfy all clients' needs as much as she can take into consideration their different fitness level and make them leave her class with a "BIG","EXHAUSTED" smile but not before she wishes them to have a wonderful day, and to drink a "cup of milk" before they go to bed.

- Personal training course - Safe Academy
- Group Fitness Instructor - Safe Academy
- Salsa Dance course
- Ballroom Dance course
- Zumba Certified Instructor

 Rebecca Smith
She moved to Cairo in 2010, married and a mother of 3 beautiful kids, studied physiology and anatamoy specially for sports and medecine at Northeast University. Taught children gymnastic for few years in Jillo schools. Attended Strength and motion coonference and got her first primary certification from Marshal community center in Vancouver in 2009 in Washington. In 2010 she achieved her silver and gold certification from Marshal community center.

Studying now personal training to be AFAA personal trainer certified.
 Tania Dunaeva
Group fitness instructor. She studied Engineering and have been involved in health and fitness for over 18 years, 10 of which in Egypt. She was born in Russia. She is very energetic, active and accurate; loves to take care of members and coaches them to reach their best and enjoy their time. Her favorite classes are step, toning ball, high impact and stretching.

Tania is a group fitness instructor certified by AFAA
Certificate of completion aerobic instructor training program by Chrisiti Taylor.
 Yara Raafat
I am a certified yoga instructor since 2006, after my 6 years studying and practice yoga.I discovered that yoga is my way to self-realization and enlightenment.It has been always my passion since then. Though my major is pharmacy, graduated from Pharmacy School Cairo University, I am working in MSA university as a morning job, however managing to find my way to the yoga classes every time. In April 2010 I decided to take a Reiki course, which is way of energy transmission, a Japanese healing technique. Shake and shape has always occupied a special place in my heart.There is something about it's energy, it's instructors spirit, everybody belongs to the her, it s our big home.
Professional Belly dancer since 1990 in Egypt. Born in Russia, studied children Pedagogic then moved to Egypt to learn Oriental dance. Oriental dance is her first passion; Yelina has dedicated 15 years of her life to this art. She joined Shake n' Shape in 2005 since then she is only teaching at Shake n' Shape. She is enjoying  teaching Egyptians the basic techniques and help them not just to feel the music but also to use it as a body language to express themselves. Throughout the last 5 years, She taught many groups in Shake n' Shape oriental dance basics and intermediate movements. She has also attended the group fitness instructor course at Safe Academy.

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