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Dear Shake n' Shape

" I have been a Shake n’ Shaper for the past 5 years. It has been a wonderful experience for me. I love the wide variety of aerobics classes they offer and look forward to each and every class I attend. Shake n’ Shape instructors are caring, qualified and their wonderful spirit makes their classes a mixture of hard work and real fun at the same time. Thank you Shake ‘n shape … YOU ARE THE BEST "

Nesrine Nadeem

Dear Shake n' Shape

" Shake n'shape is more than a transition point in my isn't only about a professional studio with great certified helpful caring honest instructors where u can work out safely... But also it is the spirit of the place... the Fun.. the laughter... the joy surrounding....the hope 4 a better health/life style...the encouragement...raising self confidence.... 6 years of my life working out in this place and never one day get bored... they always come up with new ideas, new classes, new routines, updated music... Im proud of being part of this big family.... "Shake n'Shape is my second home,where i've found myself " god bless...... "

Mariez Waguih

Dear Shake n' Shape

" Shake n' shape is the best place in town that offers a great range of aerobics for different needs. I have been coming her for more than 3 years & I recommend shake n' shape to women of all ages who are looking for fun, high energy, a cozy environment & premium service! <3 "

Nora Mortagui

Dear Shake n' Shape

" Dear Shake n' Shape: Where do I start to tell you what a difference you've made in my life? I came across an ad for you in a Cilantro magazine right after I had my baby girl. It looked quite interesting ! Unfortunately I didn't think of really going then, only when I realized that my frustration level was well above 200 percent that I need something to empower me. I then remembered that specific SNS ad ! The moment I stepped into SNS studio was my moment of rebirth ! It's a place I go to help me overcome my frustration, depression and gloom mood of every day. It is my sanctuary and my place of relaxation. Where I'm just another woman ( not a mom, wife or employee) getting her full share of empowerment and fitness. It has changed my life 1000 percent. This past week when you were closed, I felt that someone close to me had passed away :( I'm glad you are back in business and I'm ready to ditch the workout and join the Shake N'Shape party. Let the sun shine and let's bring down the house. Lots of love to you always. Thanks again :))))))) "

Marium Boulus

Dear Shake n' Shape

" Shake n'Shape is like my second home , i knew it from 2 years and i wish i'll be there forever <3 "

Amani Sami

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