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Spinning Class
Spinning Class
Spinning class descriptions:  

Spinning is a worldwide fitness phenomenon, created by Johnathan Goldberg, ultra-marathon cyclist champion and started teaching spinning classes (indoor cycling classes) in his garage.

Spinning has now reached over 75 countries (and counting), and has impacted the lives of millions of participants.

At first glance, the spinning bike might look like any ordinary exercise bike but the big difference is the tension knob, which is an extremely important part of the workout.

Spinning Class Benefits:  

-People at varied fitness levels can actively participate, by controlling the resistance of the bike to make pedaling as easy, or as challenging as they can handle.

-Spinning makes your heart pump at 80 percent of its capacity as opposed to 50 to 65 percent normally which improves all your metabolic functions.
-In 40 Minutes spinning class you can burn from 400 up to 1200 calorie depends on the class type, level and your fitness level.
- There are no complicated moves, techniques, or choreography to master.
- Indoor cycling is a non-impact activity, and causes less stress on knees, hips and ankles than many other forms of cardio.

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