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Weight Loss Program 2014

Spinning® 8-Week Weight Loss Program. is not a diet—it's a plan your can live with. Each week of the program unveils sound nutrition information, Healthy Habits, motivation, group support, and of course, energizing, calorie-burning Spinning.  

Get ready for healthiest 12 weeks of your life. This is a non-diet program. It’s a plan you can live with. Whether you are new or a long fan you will enjoy our new approach of getting fit and losing weight. You will be filled of healthy habits, nutrition and plenty of calorie burning spinning rides.

For More check following link:

Good Bye Note

It’s with deep sorrow and mixed emotions that I post this note. The time has come for me to take one of the hardest decisions of my life. Since Jan 2010, Shake n’ Shape has been struggling, to overcome 4 robbery accidents in 3 years and a remarkable revenue decline due to the country political instability & economical decline. Throughout those years, I did my best to support & back up the business hoping things would improve and we would settle down. Unfortunately the time has come to face the situation and take the decision to close down Shake n’ Shape!.   It’s devastating to me!   Shake n’ Shape was literally the only place I have ever enjoyed working in. The level of creativity, fun, peace of mind, positive energy, empowerment, self-esteem, satisfaction, competitions, challenge, care free, joy, I experienced and lived in this place was genuine. It’s the place that I compare all other places to and I will always do. I was lucky to found Shake n’ Shape in 2004, spend 10 years of my life cooking it. Throughout those years learned the in and out of this dynamic service business, played all the possible roles; accountant, sales, marketing, business development, reception, cleaner, and above all instructor. I got to choose between a stable promising job and my passion and dream. I got to work 12 hour a day for weeks, I got to finance it for 2 years with the minimum Return On Investement  and I did it with a great pleasure.   A world without Shake n’ Shape is something I have never let myself imagine. I feel so sad but as I look back at the years, and recall all that has been achieved there, I feel, as I have always, an overwhelming sense of pride. Although the figures are not rewarding, what makes Shake n’ Shape successful is, its place in our heart. It’s the team & customers, the clients we have influenced, the lives we have changed, the people we have inspired to follow this career and above all the joy we have brought to our members and ourselves.   I am really grateful to hundreds of my regular old and new clients, walking into my class and motivating me with your big smile for years, was a great pleasure and experience I would always treasure. You have no idea how much you have contributed into my life and have pushed me forward in the most frustrating and depressing moments of my life special.   Thanks to my advanced step clients Hedy Bakry, Mai Gouda, Shahinda, Dina Negm, Jailan, Sally Amr, Olfat Spinning and Pilates , Functional Toning classes Maria Fahmy, Heba Hammad, Yasmine Radwan, Nouran, Dalia Mohamed, Amira Mohamed, Sara El Harthy, shaimaa farouk, Alia kassim, Mona El Swify, Soha Sabry, Yousra Lakchouch, Nevine El zeini, Nesrine Nadeem, Asmaa Abdel Azim, Dalia Mostafa, Dalia El Ghamrawi, Aya Swidan, Rita Makram, Engy Hashem, Raghda Latief, Muna Shalan, Dina El Ogueil, Dejana, Nesreen Kamal and many others that would be very hard of me to recall them all. What a time of incredible energy, creativity, insanity, and ultimately, fun! I shared with you. It will always blaze in my memory like the sun. I know how hard the team worked to make those footprints in each one of you. Creativity, integrity and sweat went into each class to make you leave with this big smile waiting to come back the following day. A part of my heart will be always waiting to hear from you through my Facebook page or studio page I cannot express how much I have learned, grown and enjoyed working with all of you. My Admin team: Nada Faried, Sahar El Shazly, Noha Gonaid, Fatma Hassan, Nora Mortagui, Rana Hassan and my Beautiful lovely Mary, My talented instructors; Radwa Maged, Mariam Amer, Ola Abany, Mariam Azmy, Rebecca Smith, Leila Esida, Donia Ezzat, Tania Dunaeva, Lina Lotayef, Sherry Shoukry, Dalia Nakhoury. Jessy Larsen. It’s been an amazing privilege to have met you all and incubate your talent. You were born at this place; you flourished and raised till you became the stars of the industry, clients know each one of you by name like brands. Offers knock your door every day but most of you chose to stay at your second home, because it’s not about the money it’s about the joy, the passion, the energy you feel in this place. Together we have solved a lot of puzzles and seen a lot of up’s and down. We partied, hang out, traveled, slept over, studied and most of all danced and workout out together. I feel very fortunate and honored to have worked with you. Surrounded by great talent & artists exploring creative routine, thinking outside the box, and creating a real one-hour experience of workout. Exceeding the demands of an ever-evolving industry. I would never have been able to make it happen without you. Shake n’ Shape team have been and shall remain, my extended family. Although this may be the end of our Pinky Studio, I look forward to the day when Shake n’ Shape remerges to continue to make influence & joy to people lives. Fortunately we each have unique talents and experience and therefore opportunities exist for us to go forward in yet unseen directions. Shake n’ Shape came and left its marks in our heart. Today a little piece of my heart goes away with it Last day of Operation is January 15th, 2014 Our Goodbye Party is Friday January 17th. Party details will be announced by end of December. You will need to come in before (Jan 15th) and refund your outstanding classes series) after that date only bank transfer is possible. We are reviewing our accounting records to pay outstanding classes series before (Jan 1st).  For refund please send your personal data (Email, Name, Mobile number and Membership ID to [email protected]) We will be in contact with you to confirm your current balance owed, and to resolve any outstanding issues. Refund will take place only through email and predefined date for cash collection. Refund after this date is only applicable through Bank transfer. Using the same email address [email protected]  

December 2013

- Schedule in December is the same as previous month.
- Few instructors are taking new year vacation and their classes will be subsituted.
- Ola is taking December 14th off.
- Mariam Azmi is taking a vacation from Dec 11th through Jan 9th, 2014
- Noha is subing Rebecca Dec 29th, 2013
- Our last class in the studio is Jan 15th, 2014
- Our Good bye Party is Friday Jan 17th, 2014

Further details about our party will be posted by end of December.

Sweet November 2013

Happy November everyone, we hope you are doing well and in perfect health.
We have made a few changes in our schedule to suit your demands and previous suggestions.

- Saturday Zumba is now at 11:30 am, evening classes are cancelled on Saturdays

- for all of you step fanatics, "Advanced step" is officially back every Sunday at 8:30 pm

- Your favorite beginner step class "stepilicious" is now on Monday at 6:30pm

- "Dance n' Groove" is BACK! Every Monday at 7:30pm don't miss it.

Have a wonderful month
Keep shakin' n' shapin'

Amended Schedule: Sept 1st through Oct 31

- Allie Yoga class Every Tuesday at 8.30
- Mariam Pilates Class every Monday at 8.30
- Mariam yoga Class Every Monday at 7.30
- Rebecca yoga Class on Saturday is supsended this month
- Noha Interval Pilates Every Wednesday at 8.30
- Pilates Mini ball with Noha Friday at 12.30
- Zumba with Ola is resumed Satruday at 6.30
- Spinning with Noha Free class Sunday at 7.30 all terrain is resumed

For more details please download our PDF schedule file or access our system through the left yellow bar on the main page of our website.

August 11th through Sept 31.

- Allie our new Yoga instructor will be teaching her new Yoga class Wednesday @8.30 pm Starting August 28th
- Mariam Azmy is  teaching her New powerful Fab's ride class each Sunday @6.30 and sweat Shop Wednesday @ 6.30
- Sherry is back with her class Cardio Mix every Monday @6.30 pm  starting from August 19th. New routine for Hi-low, Step and Zumba don't miss it!
- Noha Hassan will replace Mariam Amer Pilates and Spinning classes during her Vacation from Mid september till end of Sept.
- Ola will resume her Zumba Fitness call Saturday @ 6.30 pm from Sept 1st.

Ramadan 2013 updates

-New class “F’ab Ride” every Monday @ 8:45 pm with Mariam Azmi.
-New class “Sweat Shop” every Monday @ 9:45 pm with Mariam Azmi.
-New spinning class” Aerobic Interval” every Tuesday @ 8:45pm with Lina
-Classes will start before Iftar @4:30pm & after Iftar @ 8:45pm & 9:45pm.
-Studio will close during the first three days of Ramadan from Tuesday 9th through 11th & we will resume classes Friday 12th of July.
-Studio will close the last day of Ramadan & the three days of Feast.
-Our working hours during Ramadan will be from 12pm till 5:45pm & then from 8:30pm till 11pm.

Whats New

-Note that newsletter & schedule are from June through 1st of Ramadan.
-We are preparing for an open day event to be during June, many interesting participants will be joining this event which will serve all your requests & interests. All the event details will be announced during the month of June so stay tuned for a lot of activities & surprises.
-Ola will be teaching Total Fat Burning class on Friday for 1.5 hour. From 11:30am till 1pm.

June 2013 Promotion

Buy 12 classes valid for 1 month for 500L.E & attend any class you want from any program.

June through 1st of Ramadan Updates.

Class Updates: ·        
-“Interval Endurance” every Sunday @ 7:30 pm with Noha is back again free upon online registration. ·          
-New class “Total Body Challenge” every Sunday @ 10:30 am with Rebecca. ·        
-New class “Weight Loss Pilates” every Tuesday @ 10:30 am with Noha. ·        
-“Dynamic Pilates” every Wednesday @ 8:30 pm with Noha is back in June. ·        
-“Advanced Step” every Tuesday @ 7:30 pm with Ola. ·        
-“Beginner Step” every Saturday @ 7:30 pm with Mariam Azmi. ·        
-“Summer Bikini” with Radwa is back every Thursday @ 10:30 am. ·       
-“Spinning class” every Monday & Wednesday @ 7:30 am with Noha. ·        
-“Zumba Class” every Saturday @ 6:30 pm is cancelled.

Easter Promotion

Spend 230 L.E or more & get a Gap T-Shirt with Go Girl Logo as a gift, or buy more than 24 classes & get Shake n' Shape bag + Gap T-Shirt with Go Girl Logo.

May 2013 Class Updates

- “Interval Endurance” every Sunday @ 7:30 pm with Noha is cancelled during May.
- New class “Yoga Fit” every Monday @ 10:30 am with Rebecca.
- New class “Core Fusion” every Wednesday @ 10:30 am with Rebecca.
- “Dynamic Pilates” every Wednesday @ 8:30 pm with Noha is cancelled during May.

May 2013 News

- Happy Easter, Monday 6th of May is an official day off & studio will be closed.
- Check our new creative products that are sold @ our reception desk for very attractive prices.
- Noha is taking a vacation during May & her classes will be substituted by her dear colleagues.

March & April Updates

- For the occasion of “Mother’s Day”, encourage your mother to do workouts by buying her any number of Pilates class & get 10% discount. 
Buy more than 24 classes & get Shake n' Shape bag as a gift or buy our bag for 50 L.E & be one of our fans.
- During March & April there will be many substitutions as few of our instructors are committed to workshops, courses & exams, so please make sure to check our online schedule on facebook or call us.

February 2013 Updates

What's New:
- Surprise to all the brides to be; now you can rent our studio for your Henna party.
Studio is fully equipped with sound system, air conditions & mirror. We also have a nice terrace available for catering. You have the option to choose a full package including Music DJ, Henna show & a photo shooting.
Studio is also available for birthday parties or any kind of events.
Available times for rent every Thursday from 5 pm & Friday from 3 pm.

Class Updates:
- “Abs & total body toning” every Sunday @ 6:30 pm with Noha. ·        
-  “Zumba Fitness” every Sunday @ 7:30 pm with Ola. ·        
- New class “Boot Camp” every Monday @ 7:30 pm with Mariam. ·        
- “Strength Zone” every Tuesday @ 7:30 pm with Mariam.

Early Morning Course

Ladies, prepare yourselves for an early morning cls twice/week @ 7:30 am
for 2 months, classes are prepaid & pre-booked.
Course will start in Feb in case a minimum of 8 persons pay 50% during Jan & the last 50% Feb 1st.  
16 classes for two months are for 600 L.E or if you have already 16 regular workout
passes in your account you can allocate them to morning course.
Pre-booked classes are non-refundable & cannot be replaced or cancelled. 

January 2013 Updates

Class Updates:
- New class “Athletic Conditioning Pilates” which will take you to a further level in
  Pilates by enhancing your core strength using Stott Pilates method, every Monday @ 8:30 pm with Mariam.
- New class “Dynamic Pilates” which works on rebalancing your body through
  challenging exercises for your core & deep abdominal muscles, every Wednesday @ 8:30 pm with Noha.
- New class “Strength & Agility Pilates” a powerful total body routine that adds
  flexibility to your workout by boosting your energy & strengthening the core while avoiding injury, every Friday @ 12:30 pm with Noha.

December Offer

In occasion of Shake n’ Shape anniversary and the New Year, buy a minimum of 12 classes from any 3 programs “Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Regular workout or Spinning” valid for one year and get 40% off. This offer is valid only in December.

December Updates

- Noha has joined the spinning team & she is ready to introduce her new Spinning class “Interval Endurance” every Sunday @ 7:30pm, this class will be for free during the month of December with online booking only .

- Noha & Mariam are now ready to take all the Pilates’ lovers to the next level after the course they have taken, so get ready for new challenges.

- Studio will close @ 5pm in the New Year’s Eve, Happy New Year every one.

-  Now mothers can exercise & enjoy our classes whenever they want, don’t worry about your kids “Techno Kids” is here to host your child during class, all you need to do is walk across our street & leave your kid for 1.5 hour workshops & have yourself a worriless class.

- Tailor-made workshop fees: 50 L.E for 1.30 hour “20% off in case of having 3 hours” . ” Techno kids” accepts kids starting from 4 years old.

- Our members can have an extra 20% discount on all the standard workshops & courses “Techno kids” offers.

November Updates

Class Updates:
-“Mix It to Fix It” Every Tuesday morning is cancelled.
-“Abs & Total Body Toning” every Sunday @ 7:30 pm instead of 6:30 pm by Radwa.
-“Zumba Fitness” every Sunday @ 6:30 pm instead of 7:30 pm by Radwa.
-Mariam is taking the Reformer Pilates Course from Stott Pilates, so her classes will be substituted Saturday 17th, Tuesday 20th and Saturday 24th of November.
-Mariam is attending a workshop on the 3rd of November so “Spinning” class & “Weight Loss Pilates” class will be cancelled.

What’s New?
- Islamic New Year is an official day off; day will be confirmed beginning of November. 
- Noha is taking this month athletic conditions workshops for Stott Pilates to introduce new athletic conditions exercises and techniques to all Pilate’s lovers.
- Noha, Mariam and Dalia are attending new workshops with Greg Sellar, one of the most famous aerobics instructors in the UK coming to Egypt in November.

October Updates

-“Beginner Step” Every Saturday @ 7:30pm With Ola.
-“Sexy Abs & Body Firm” every Wednesday @ 6:30pm along with Monday @ 10:30am with Dalia.
-“Interval Fat Burning” every Monday @ 7:30pm instead of Wednesday with Mariam.
-“Zumba Fitness” Every Wednesday @ 10:30am with Radwa.
-“Body conditioning” every Sunday @ 8:30pm with Tania.
- Ola will take a vacation during the first two weeks of October and her classes will be substituted.
- Martial arts & self-defense is now available as a course, either you want to learn new skills or improve your own, just come &   register, Course will be every Sunday @ 7:30 & Tuesday @ 8:30, we need a minimum of 8 girls for the course to start.
Fees: 500 L.E for 8 sessions/month.

Update Your Online Profile

Customers are kindly asked to submit their photo to [email protected] & update their contacts on their profile.

Suggestions Feedback

 -There have been many suggestions to increase the morning classes between 10:30 am & 7:30 am, we can only do that when the traffic in the existing classes reach more than 15 person per class.

-Adding, reducing or removing classes in schedule is mainly based on traffic and instructor’s schedules.

-We added on Yoga class in the middle of the week according to your recommendations.

-We always try to accommodate our client's desire so for example, Ola in her class Strong n' Sexy always asks if the majority of the participant prefer Step or High Low Impact and according to the majority she chooses her routine.

-A special request for our Zumba instructors is to slow down and teach techniques but our zumba classes are structured in a way to keep the energy and the flow with little interruption. Instructors demonstrate the technique & participants are expected to pick it up after a few repetitions. The overall routine remains the same for more than a month which enables the participant to remember the movements if they go to Zumba class regularly throughout the month.

-We have kept our price-list the same since 2009 & only removed the unlimited membership. As all businesses progress, we have found that now is the right time to match our value added services with a valuable price increase  Starting April, we will place a small increase & we will add a valuable option for participants. There will no longer be membership expiry dates but instead our members will buy a series of memberships that can last up to 12 months even if it's as low as 15 classes. There will be no more freezing or ticket airline request.

Regular sign in process

Our regular sign in process is still valid, we are applying a new value added step to facilitate process and time for both of us.

Online classes registration is now opened.

Online registration for all our classes will be accessible effective February 1st, 2012. All members with active membership are kindly asked to register online. Class registration will be available 3 days before class and will be closed 2 hours before class starts. Cancellation or rescheduling must be done 2 hours before class or late cancellation fees will be applied. 7.30am classes are closed at 9pm the night before. Clients are also kindly asked to make any class cancellation and rescheduling online. Phone cancellations will be not accepted.

Gift Vouchers

You can now buy our classes for your friends as a gift in their special occasions, & offer them a chance for an energetic, fun & Memorable experience with our unique portfolio of classes.

Access your own account online.

We are happy to inform you that we have finally launched our online system. Client either members or walk-in should be able to access their own account online, Edit their contact information, view their visit, their purchased and soon sign up online.

In case you don’t receive an email from us, there are two ways to access your account: Send an email with your full details: mobile number, email, full name and date of birth to: [email protected] Or just visit our website and check the link my account then subscribe online fill in the required data and wait for 24 hours security verification.

Important note

It has come to our attention that the value added service offered to our customers which is allowing them to submit a hospital doc certificate in case of illness to extend their membership for up to a maximum of 10 days has been extremely abused & is creating a lot of debates & miscommunication. Accordingly, we would like to clarify the following: in case of illness proper paper must be submitted & we only extend  & not grant 10 days whenever you recover, this rule is applied only on the long term memberships ( 6 monthes & 1 year) So please always read your policy carefully, ask for questions & clarification before you sign up, because once you sign the contract you are asked to respect it's terms & conditions.

Spinning classes

Starting first of July we’re launching spinning classes for the first time. 15% discount during July for early spinning subscribers plus free class.

Special email for Members issues

All members can now send freezing requests, membership queries, bonus time, doctor certificate for sickness etc to a dedicate email: [email protected].

Studio Policy

We have also updated our studio policy so please review & align your understanding of the new policy
before you renew your membership to avoid any inconveniences.

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